Options For Many Budgets

Average cost spread

These price ranges are typical for running a 28-day campaign on a digital billboard. The factors used to come up with these numbers are explained below.

Slot Type Cost Range
Full $600 - $3,500
Half $350 - $1,750
Quarter $200 - $950

How many people will see my ad?

Digital billboard advertising is one of the most effective methods of building brand awareness, which in turn drives traffic either to your website or to your front door. The primary tool we use to measure the effectiveness of a billboard is called Daily Effective Circulation, or DEC. This is a measurement of the average number of vehicles and pedestrians that will pass by the sign every day.

Research shows that most people view a billboard for up to four seconds before turning their attention elsewhere, so digital billboards usually display each ad image for 7.5 seconds before flipping to the next one. (For a full explanation of how that works, see our detailed description here.) This means that up to 8 ad images can be displayed every minute, and a good ballpark figure for the number of people who will see your ad each day can be calculated using this formula:

DEC / 8 = People Exposed to Your Ad Every Day

For example, assuming a DEC of 20,000:
20,000 / 8 = 2,500 Daily Viewers

This explains why billboard advertising is so effective at building brand and name recognition. The majority of passers-by will look at your ad, and just seeing your name, logo, or other information about your business will bring your business to mind first when your customers are thinking about your service. This also explains why it is better to run ad campaigns that stretch across a large number of days. Research suggests that a person needs to see a company name seven times before he will remember it, so building your exposure over time is usually a strong strategy.

With all of that said, costs for digital billboard advertising can cover a wide range, but it usually falls between $1,000 and $3,500 for a 28-day run, using a full slot.

Using slot size to reduce costs

In some cases, the cost of running an ad may be prohibitive. To help with that problem, you can purchase an ad campaign that provides fewer daily impressions, while still helping to build your brand. This comes in the form of half slots and quarter slots, and can reduce advertising costs by nearly three-quarters.

Search for availability and see pricing

To find out exactly what the cost would be, based on location, slot size, and the length of your campaign, you can use our online availability search tool.

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