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Self-service Campaign Management

Our unique, built-from-the-ground-up website puts all of the control where it belongs - with you! Manage your ads, control your schedule, and respond to market changes at any time and on your own schedule. This self-service system is designed to make it easy to schedule overlapping ad images, perform A/B testing, or even show specific ads that are tailored to the day of the week or time of day.

Why Digital Billboards?

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

With plans for budgets of any size, you can make your advertising investment truly work for you. Not sure if this is for you? Start with a small investment and build up. We're confident that you'll see true dividends!

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How Much Does Billboard Advertising Cost?

Truly Stand Out

Truly Stand Out

You don't even need us to say so, because you already know. Digital signs are just eye magnets. After you've driven by a static sign two or three times, it might as well be part of the landscape, but the ever-changing nature of digital signs makes them always interesting, and that's an advantage your busines can use.

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How Do Digital Billboards Work?


Simplicity, with Options

Digital signs don't require expensive print runs, film shoots, or annoying clickbait. Your message will be where your customers are, every day, and with zero-cost adjustments and advanced features like day-parting, you can tune your advertising for maximum results.

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Pay-For-What-You-Need Pricing

When you advertise on a digital sign, you pay for a slot of time in the sign's rotation, spread out over several days.

Half Slot

7.5 Seconds every 2 Minutes
720 Impressions every Day

Starts at $13.50 / Day
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Best Value

Full Slot

7.5 Seconds every Minute
1,440 Impressions every Day

Starts at $26.00 / Day
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Quarter Slot

7.5 Seconds every 4 Minutes
360 Impressions every Day

Starts at $7.50 / Day
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Advertising Statistics


Average Boost in Sales *


Average Daily Circulation
(Full Slot)


Starting Daily Rate

* All statistics are based on reporting by

  • 71% of people consciously look at billboards when driving
  • Over 50% of people say that they've been highly engaged by a billboard they've seen in the last month
  • External advertising is 382% more effective at driving online and cross-channel marketing than TV commercials
  • When paired with Search Engine Optimization, external advertising boosts results by 40%
  • 58% of people say that they learned about a local event or business from a roadside billboard
  • 56% of Americans say that they make mention of funny or standout billboards in conversation
  • On average, every dollar spent on external advertising generates $5.97 in sales - that's 497% ROI

Unique Features

  • No-Cost Changes
  • Custom Ad Schedules
  • Day-Parting
  • Dynamic Data
  • Multiple Ad Images
  • Visible Day Or Night
  • Affordable, Up-front Pricing
  • Monthly Billing
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